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Vet Tech

Vet Techs represent the right-hand of the Veterinarian and may be tasked with everything from basic animal care and cleaning to assisting the Veterinarian in full-scale surgeries. Becoming a Veterinary Technician does require formal training and credentials as well as professional experience and as a result can be a challenging profession to break into.

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Vet Tech vs Vet Assistant: With so many specific titles and roles to be filled it can sometimes be challenging to determine exactly what each title means and what corresponding requirements, responsibilities and roles are associated with it.

Education: Veterinary Degrees and Certificates: When it comes to education, more is not always necessarily better if that “more” is in programs or courses that won’t help someone get into the field they’d like to enter.

5 Facts About Vet Techs and Vet Assistants:  When working with animals, the good, the bad and, unfortunately, the sad, can all be a part of a normal work day.


Vet Tech and Vet Assistant Online Programs: Perhaps the greatest benefit of the Internet, besides an abundance of cute kitten pictures, is the depth and scope of education possibilities.


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