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Vet Assistant

In a single veterinary practice there may be many positions performing different roles at different parts of the overall nursing and pet care process. One of the staple positions in any vet office is the Veterinary Assistant. These entry-level positions put Vet Assistants directly on the front lines of the practice as they help keep the entire office running by performing tasks such as cleaning and sterilization of kennels, cleaning and maintenance of equipment and daily feeding and care of animals.

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What is a Veterinary Assistant?: In nearly every veterinary practice, from the country vet to the largest of animal care hospitals, the veterinary assistant will be there playing a vital role in patient health.

How do You Become a Veterinary Assistant?: To become a vet assistant, start with a love of animals. Every aspect of their care should bring a smile as each morning starts because this is a hands-on job that is going to provide interaction on all levels as the work day progresses.

How Much Does a Vet Assistant Make?: If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Discover what the future holds for prospective Vet Assistants.