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Top 5 Pets of 2012

Posted on Jan 3, 2013 in Pet News

Top 5 Pets of 2012

Thanks to the web, pets everywhere have the chance to shine like never before, resulting in Instagram models, YouTube stars and even political campaigns:

1. Chengdu Panda Cubs

The seven cubs were born sometime during the hot summer months. However, they remained a well kept secret until a picture went viral in October. Born in a Panda breeding center, the cubs are China’s most adorable contribution to the past year.

2. Hedgehogs

These days anyone can run for president. That’s exactly what 25 prickly hedgehogs were thinking in November. In an internet campaign against Mitt Romney, the small animals had a big voice in support of Obama. These hedgehogs successfully changed the rules of campaign marketing forever.

3. Zeus

Imagine a dog taller than you, taller than your dad and the entire basketball team. The tallest dog in the world, this dog is appropriately named Zeus. At only four years old, Zeus is a puppy in a big dog body.  The Great Dane is seven and half feet tall standing up.

4. Cleopatra

Acting as a surrogate mother, this dog proves that animal instinct comes with a mother’s intuition. In late May, two Siberian Tiger cubs were born and abandoned by their mother. Left to their own devices and with no direction, the helpless cubs instantly caught the attention of a female Shar Pei, Cleopatra. Without missing a beat, the female dog immediately had the cubs clean, fed and sleeping by her side.

5. IKEA Monkey

Perhaps the most popular and recognizable animal of 2012, a monkey in a parking lot would catch anybody’s attention. It’s even better when that monkey is fashionably equipped with a jacket and diaper. Running around in a Toronto IKEA parking lot, the monkey found instant fame and more than 1,700 tweeting followers.


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