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Popular Holiday Pet Gifts

Posted on Dec 6, 2012 in Pet News

Popular Holiday Pet Gifts

Owners won’t be stiffing their pets this holiday season. According to a recent survey, almost 90 percent of American pets will have at least two gifts waiting for them under the tree on Christmas morning. Almost a quarter of them will have their name on five or more packages.

Of course, the most popular holiday gifts for pets are treats and toys, but owners are not forgetting about the necessities. Blankets, beds and clothing items are also among the most popular gifts this year. Below are some suggestions, offered by PetSmart and consumers, to help pet owners sort through the hundreds of different items available.

Owners are shifting more and more toward homemade treats for their loved ones. For this reason the Gourmet Dog Treat Maker is one of the most popular items being sold in stores this Christmas. It is definitely a gift that keeps on giving, long after the first batch of treats has disappeared.

The most popular dog treats and toys being sold this season tend to be holiday themed versions of singing chew toys.  Rudolph inspired characters can be found lining the shelves at department stores, ready to be taken home and sing every time your pet is in the Christmas spirit.

Holiday themed attire is also among the top sellers this season. Dogs look so much cuter when they’re running around as Grinch-themed Christmas trees or as a Sock Monkey.

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