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Best & Worst Human Foods for Your Dog

The Good

1. Popcorn & Peanut Butter– It’s fine to give your dog popcorn or peanut butter as a tasty snack. When sharing a bowl of popcorn with your dog on a night in, be sure to hold the salt and butter. Peanut butter is high in protein and smearing it on a chew toy as an obstacle may give your dog some extra work and make the toy last a little bit longer.

2. Yogurt – Whether using it as a summertime treat or to supplement breakfast, yogurt is safe source of extra calcium and protein. It’s important to choose a yogurt with no added sugars or sweeteners. However, flax seeds can be added to make the treat more filling and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help reduce anxiety in dogs.

3. Salmon –Cooked salmon is tasty way to change up your dog’s dinner. Going the whole nine yards, it can even be served on top of a bed of cooked rice. Salmon is great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. As with lean meat and eggs, salmon should be fully cooked before being served to any dog or human being.


4. Sweet Potatoes – People eat sweet potatoes as a tasty way to get plenty of fiber and vitamin C. This vegetable does the same favor for dogs. Making a great chew toy, it can served dried or by the slice. With any canine treat, the simpler the better. Using sweet potatoes from a grocery store isle is a better alternative to packaged sweet potato dog treats. Other vegetables that are safe for your dog include nori, green beans and peas.

5. Apples –High in fiber and rich in vitamins, apples are healthy treat for any canine. However, keep the seeds away. The damaging cyanide they contain will far outweigh the good of any vitamins. Other fruits that are a safe treat include bananas, which can even be dipped in peanut butter, and blueberries.



 The Bad

1. Milk – Humans are the only animals that continue to have milk as a part of their diets after being weaned. This is because we have evolved to continually carry the enzymes that allow us to digest milk, experiencing maybe a little gas, but no terrible digestive upsets. Dogs have not developed this way. A scoop of ice cream or glass of milk will give a dog terrible diarrhea, possibly leading to dehydration.

2. Chocolate & Coffee – These two things both contain caffeine, which basically causes a dog’s heart to race and can permanently damage their central nervous system. Caffeine can be responsible for seizures, vomiting and diarrhea. No chocolate is good for your dog, but the safest one is white.


3. Bones – Scraps from the table come off as the perfect treat. Dogs love bones and the juicy leftover fat is just what the commercials say they want. However, both of these things are potentially fatal. Bones can splinter and crack, causing your dog to bleed internally or choke. Large amounts of fat can damage a dog’s ability to absorb food.


4. Macadamia Nuts– It only takes six macadamia nuts to make a dog ill, causing muscle tremors, paralysis, vomiting and a rapid heart rate. Being potentially fatal, baked goods and chocolate treats with them included should be carefully avoided.


5. Onions & Garlic – Two of the most common condiments included in human dinners will destroy a dog’s red blood cell count. Onions and garlic in any form can cause anemia in dogs. In small doses the two garnishes are alright to be mixed in with food, but even if eaten regularly can severely damage a dog’s immune system and energy levels.



The Ugly

1. Grapes – Frozen grapes are great treat on a hot day for humans. In dogs, this treat can cause kidney failure. In even small amounts, grapes and their dried counterpart, raisins, can make a dog vomit and even depressed.



2. Beer – Alcohol impairs human coordination and can cause vomiting. It does the same thing to dogs, but with a lot less. Unbaked dough, beer and anything containing alcohol is potentially deadly to a dog. Rough dough will rise in a dog’s stomach and actually produce alcohol, causing poisoning.


3. SeedsFruit seeds, such as the ones from apples, peaches and plums, can cause obstruction and inflammation in a dog’s intestines. Also, most seeds and pits contain the poison cyanide, which is dangerous to both dog and human.



4. Guacamole – Avocados are deadly to dogs. It is important to keep them and anything made with them out of your pet’s reach. They contain persin, which is harmless to humans and toxic to dogs that are allergic to it.



5. Sugar – Candy, gum, baked foods and even diet foods contain the chemical xylitol. In dogs, this chemical causes sugar levels to drop dangerously low and liver failure. After just a few days of vomiting and lethargy, a dog’s liver can fail.



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