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Holiday Traveling Tips for Your Pet

Posted on Nov 30, 2012 in Pet News

Holiday Traveling Tips for Your Pet

Traveling over the holidays is a stressful process anyway with all the packing, planning and worrying over forgotten things. This holiday season make sure your pets are not among the things left behind. Pets are family. A little extra planning is definitely worth the comfort of having your best friend beside you. Below are some travel tips for making sure your pet travels in comfort.

On the Road

Not allowed on trains or buses, the most popular way for pets to travel is by car. Pets are part of the family and should be treated as such. Children are not allowed to roam the car freely with heads and hands hanging out the window. Your pet shouldn’t be allowed to either. In fact, most states have a fine for traveling with an unsecured pet. Pets can travel securely as easy as people can, using a seat-belt in the backseat of the vehicle. They can also be carried in a crate or attached to a specially designed harness.

In the Air

With more than two million pets flying each holiday season, air is the second most popular way for pets to travel. This form of travel takes a little more planning than a car ride, but can be just as comfortable for your pet. Pets can ride a passenger, carry-on or in cargo. Pets that ride can even sit right beside their owners. However, no one likes a noisy child. Whiny or talkative pets may be asked to change their seating arrangement.

With more people traveling during the holidays, airports tend to be more crowded. Pets are often secured in the cargo space of the plane. Colder temperatures and changing air pressure makes this seating area slightly less comfortable. Pets riding in cargo should be carefully tagged and labeled. No one wants to lose a family member over the holidays. It’s important to remember that heavier and bully breeds are not allowed on flights due to weight restrictions and breathing problems.

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