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Family Pets vs. Christmas Decorations: The Owner’s Battlefield Guide

Posted on Dec 20, 2012 in Pet News

Family Pets vs. Christmas Decorations: The Owner’s Battlefield Guide

For your amusement and benefit, this pet holiday hazard guide doubles as a war fable. The one fought every year between family pets and family decorations. It is sometimes fought for the sake of attention and acknowledgement. Other times, battle is risked for the sake of innocent instinct. Arranged according to individual battle scenarios, this tale of victories and loses is a guide to results that have proven themselves true with time-tested consistency.


Dog vs. Tree

When it comes to a real Christmas tree verses the family dog, the tree always wins. Along with tree water and pine needles, digesting seasonal plants, such as holly and mistletoe, will upset any dog’s stomach. The most obvious signs of Christmas plant poisoning are a few surprise, smelly presents lying around the house that may put a hinge in the holiday bustle.

Dog vs. Ornaments

Unfortunately, this is the season when most pet owners learn that wooden ornaments double as great chew toys. It’s true that dogs are very reliable creatures. You can always rest assured that they will eat anything they’re not supposed to. High hung glass and fragile ornaments may be safe from wagging tails, but no amount of varnish can protect gingerbread and cookie ornaments. Holiday ornaments really have no chance against a dog’s innocent and happy onslaught.

Cat vs. Tree

You would think that the tree would win. However, this battle is proof that agility can be more advantageous than weight. Lightweight, adventurous cats can’t resist a tree’s tangle of boughs. They also can’t resist the urge to be as high up as possible. People don’t usually look up. It’s the perfect hiding spot. Only anchored trees are safe from a cat’s advances. Otherwise, nine out of ten times, cats will win this war. We all know that cats are not modest creatures. The sound of their victory travels fast, reminding everyone of a feline’s capabilities under inattentive eyes.

Cat vs. Ornaments

The most attention deficient of pets, it should be well known that cats can’t resist shiny things. It’s their version of kryptonite, except, they’re addicted to it, drawn to it like moths to a streetlight. A feline’s ultimate, and possibly only, Achilles’ heel, their infatuation with shiny and stringy material can cost the ultimate price. Tinsel, yarn and ribbon often get caught and tangled in cat’s small intestine. In this battle, it seems that cats wager a bit too high. However, they do have nine lives. Spending one on an emergency veterinary surgery doesn’t usually seem to bother them.


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