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Top 3 Indicators of a Healthy Pet

Posted on Feb 12, 2013 in Pet News

Top 3 Indicators of a Healthy Pet

Pets are not that different from people and the top three things that keep them healthy prove it. Gum disease is the number one reason why dogs and people alike lose their teeth. A good owner knows brushing is the best way to help their pet keep their teeth. Good owners also know the value of good diet with quality nutrition.




Just like humans, obese pets lack normal amounts of energy and are at a greater risk for heart disease. Obesity also coincides with certain behavioral issues. Overweight pets are far more likely to leave behind smelly surprises, which lead to damaged and stained carpets. To help maintain your pet’s weight, read the label. Chicken and fish should be among the first ingredients listed.


Brushing your teeth everyday saves people around you from the un-pleasantries of bad breadth. It also saves your teeth. Brushing your pet’s teeth does the same for them, saving you from the smell of dog breadth and saving them from gum disease. Instead of once a day, it is recommended pets’ teeth are brushed once a week. Feeding them dental chews is a proven way to keep their breadth smelling fresh between brushings. There’s even chicken-flavored toothpaste to make brushings more convenient and enjoyable for your pet. However, popular human brands get the job done just fine.


It’s best to assume pets are susceptible to fleas and ticks at all times. No matter how cold it is outside, this is true. Fleas are the number one reason why dogs lick so much and are skilled survivors. It only takes one day of warmer weather to bring them out of hibernation in the middle of winter. The same goes for mosquitoes and ticks as well. If one of these parasites is out and about, the others are as well.


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