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4 Ways Dogs Pay for Themselves

Posted on Jan 23, 2013 in Pet News

4 Ways Dogs Pay for Themselves

Dogs are the gift of a longer and happier life. Potentially saving you thousands of dollars in therapy sessions and doctor’s bills, the expense of a family dog definitely seems to be worth the price.


Proof that more and more owners are viewing their pets as children is in the science. Pets are proven to lower one’s blood pressure better and faster than the presence of a significant other. Much like being in the presence of a baby, pets are known to release a surge of oxytocin in owners. This hormone is famous for making people calm down, chill out and put things in a better perspective.

Live a Longer Life

In reducing a person’s overall stress, dogs do a lot more than lower blood pressure. They improve a person’s cardiovascular health, possibly adding years back to their lifespan. It’s a proven fact that dog owners are 20 percent more likely to survive a heart attack than non-owners. It’s also a fact that dog-owners get more exercise than the average person without a pet.

Prevent Asthma

Dogs gift both their owners and their owners’ children with longer, healthier lives. Regular exposure to a family dog at a young age is proven to benefit a child’s immune system and respiratory health. Playing with a dog after school will give a child exercise and work to erase any future pet allergies. Dogs are also proven to reduce respiratory infections and possibly prevent asthma.

Practice Empathy

It’s a well-known fact that teenagers hate their parents. Another well-known fact is that their insecurity makes it difficult to trust anyone their own age. This is where the family dog comes in. As a kid, they spent days figuring out the interior workings of their dog’s head. This practice ultimately made them more intuitive and empathetic, or able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, as an adult. It also helped them to be more secure than their peers at a very vulnerable age.


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