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Bloody Animal Abuse Exposed

Posted on Feb 25, 2013 in Pet News

Bloody Animal Abuse Exposed

Farming and the industrial age do not mix well. They never have. The industrial age ushered in a new way of doing things. It introduced a method for producing food faster and more efficiently. More importantly, it lowered concern for the animals involved. This is a distinct difference between farms and factories.

Farms provide an environment tailored for the animals living there. Factory environments are designed around efficient production. It’s no mystery that animals are being moved from pastures and into cages. It allows for easier control, easier access and faster operations. However, these animals are still expected to be treated with respect.

They give us nourishment. In return, they are not expected to be hit and bloodied. The workers at a Wyoming pig farm seem to have forgotten this. A recent undercover investigation found the pigs there being treated as if they were less than human and less than animal. The poor animals are treated as if they are already dead where they stand.

Nine workers on the farm were caught in the act and charged with animal cruelty. Covering its tracks, the farm claims these workers have already been fired from the facility. Laws and regulations are satisfied by the farms actions. However, the Humane Society is not convinced. Their investigation revealed that these workers did not know any better.

Animals are hit, abused and neglected simply because it’s a faster way of doing things. The employees did not know any better. Their behavior was taught. They’ve forgotten or are unaware of a different way to do things. Worse, big farms are becoming increasingly difficult to monitor. Large facilities even have difficulty monitoring their own operations.


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