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Top 5 Pet Names of 2012

Posted on Jan 11, 2013 in Pet News

Top 5 Pet Names of 2012

The most popular pet names of 2012 are from a survey of over 400,000 insured pets. Using naming trends, the survey discovered that pets are being treated more and more like a four-legged family member.

Owners are leaning more and more toward choosing human names for their pets. In fact, the top five chosen names for dogs and cats are on another list. They are found among the top 100 chosen baby names of 2012. Traditional pet names have been steadily declining over the years. This year, out of 485,000 names, revealed only 11 Fidos and 65 Fluffys.

Popular culture also seems to have an impact on a year’s most common names. Twilight heroine Bella has been determining pet names since first making an appearance in 2006. This past year, the star’s name was the number one name chosen for both dogs and cats. It was even the third most common choice for birds and exotic pets.

Among the most popular male-gendered names, Max has been leading the way for dogs since 2005 and Charlie has been the number one choice for birds and exotic pets for three consecutive years.



1. Bella

2. Bailey

3. Max

4. Lucy

5. Molly



1. Bella

2. Max

3. Chloe

4. Oliver

5. Lucy


Birds & Exotic Pets

1. Charlie

2. Buddy

3. Bella

4. Max

5. Angel


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